Don’t You Love Fall Décor!

Don’t You Love Fall Décor!

Summer has come to an end and it’s officially fall! As much as I hate to see summer go because it’s my favorite season, there is something so calming, relaxing and beautiful about the season. The colors, the leaves changing, it just gives you a completely different vibe. Fall is truly a season of change.

For me, the change of fall means the start of decorating and new décor. I absolutely love decorating this time of year. I don’t know what it is about fall but I’ve come to discover my love for home décor and if I do say so myself, I’m pretty good at it! As you can see, our fall décor is full of light colors. I’m extremely lucky that I have a natural palette to work with, keeping my options open and giving me tons to work with.

I love light colors and over time as I’ve been decorating for fall, I’ve realized fall isn’t just dark colors orange and red. This year, I wanted to add some things with more mute colors that add a softer touch to my pallete. In fact, my fall décor pieces can stay up until we decorate for Thanksgiving. We typically don’t decorate for Halloween so our focus after fall is Thanksgiving. It makes it easier to transition from fall to Thanksgiving when the décor is already so inspirational.

Shopping for home décor is so much fun for me and I love to find a good deal too! I keep my shopping options open, so I can find a variety of items to bring my concept to life. So where did I get my fall décor this year? Most of my shopping for fall goodies are from Homegoods, Pier 1, and Pottery Barn. This year I used some of my older decorations and turned them into something different, like my sunflower placemats as napkin holders.

Of course, I had to add some new things to the collection though. While shopping at Homegoods, I came across some beautiful glass and ceramic pumpkins. They’re not your average pumpkins and I love the uniqueness of them. The pumpkins are universal, so they aren’t just for Halloween, which is my least favorite holiday due to my religion , but that’s a story for another day.

The super cute pillows, sign, candle, and flowers are also from Homegoods. The gorgeous candlesticks along with the fall, chic sunflowers are from Pier 1. These candlesticks are great because I can use them year round and just switch out the candle according to the upcoming season or holiday. The lightly colored bunched of flowers in the white pot are from Pottery Barn.

Fall is one of my favorite times to decorate my home. Make it fun and make it work for you and your home. Don’t feel the need to decorate based on the ”normal” trends for fall décor. Make it your own!

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