I Have Another Job… I’m a Momager Now!

I Have Another Job… I’m a Momager Now!

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be adding a new hat to my collection! This one says “momager!” I’m so excited, yet so nervous. I have no idea what it means to be a momager but I do know that I’ll be giving it all I have. My goal is to set my children up for success early and I want to by their side every step of the way. I’m not here to force them to be involved in projects they may not be interested in but instead help them figure out what they like and how we can make it work for them.

We recently had a meeting with Zuri Kids Modeling Agency in Los Angeles and imagine my excitement when my kids were chosen and added to their squad!!! Let me to take a moment to thank everyone that took time out of their day to meet with us. It’s not easy getting a meeting with an agency and even harder to get signed and I’m so grateful that my children are Zuri Kids. Since Brielle is two, the majority of work for her won’t begin until she turns three but Jaiden is in his prime. He has braces and they say it will hold him back a little but still I’m determined to give it all we have! I won’t allow braces or anything else keep me from helping my son’s new career take off.

I learned so much throughout this process and from the agency regarding sizes, what to expect, what’s expected of us and even what to do during the “slow times.” If you’re a parent that’s interested in managing your child’s career, I have a couple tips for you. For starters, keep it fun. Remember, they’re kids. While we all want our kids to be the best and win, it’s important to also teach them to have fun and enjoy the process and not get so caught up in the competition of things. They can still be the best and have fun while doing it.

Another thing I’ve been doing is teaching my kids, mainly my son, how to be a gracious winner. They aren’t going to book every role or project, win every game or be the top singer and dancer and that’s ok. As we know as adults, when someone is a sore loser, it makes it difficult to want to work, play or hang out with them. Help them to understand that if they don’t succeed at something, it doesn’t make them less than the person that has success. It just means they have to work a little harder to cross the finish line first next time. I’m teaching my kids how to be pleasant and understand that if it’s not their moment now, it will be soon.

This momager process is not the easiest to navigate but it is so worth and I’m having so much spending even more time with my kids while I figure it out!


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