Invisalign Changed My Life… Or At Least My Teeth!

Invisalign Changed My Life… Or At Least My Teeth!

When I was younger, I had braces for a few years because I had teeth removed due to crowding in my mouth. After about four years, my braces FINALLY came off! Yay, right?! All the hard work and pain was worth it because the braces were gone. Once the braces were off, I got a little relaxed with my retainer. I lost it and never bought a new one. Over time, my teeth started shifting and to make matters worse, my wisdom teeth began to grow in and threw everything off track. I was completely devastated. After all my prior work as a teen to achieve a beautiful smile, I was back at square one. Ok maybe I wasn’t starting over completely because my teeth didn’t look super bad lol.

Knowing how much I went through after years of braces, going in and out of the orthodontist, I just had to do something about it. So, I decided to go back to the dentist to weigh my options. They recommended I start with getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Just the thought of getting my teeth pulled scares me but I was determined to get my teeth back to how they were when I was a teenager. Once I had the four wisdom teeth pulled, which by the way, it surprisingly wasn’t as bad as I anticipated, my dentist recommended me to an orthodontist that specialized in Invisalign. Of course, I made a consultation with them right away! We went over treatment options and insurance information immediately. I was so excited and even more excited when I found out my insurance covered some of the treatment. During my appointment, they mentioned a process called propel, which is numbing your gums and going in with a tiny screw to make your teeth move faster. The process is supposed to cut the treatment process in half! I set an appointment for the propel right away and soon began my adventure with my Invisalign. They quoted me about a year and a half of treatment. I was definitely not looking forward to that length of time but I really wanted it to work so I went with it.

I am now in my seventh month with about two months to go! It’s been so worth it too! I’ll admit, getting Invisalign takes self-commitment and dedication. It’s completely up to me whether or not I’m going to wear my Invisalign or not. There have been a few times I’ve completely forgot to put them in and one time I even lost my aligner lol. If not for those times, I would most definitely be done with treatment by now. But hey life happens lol. I can now see the finish line and I’m so pleased and excited about my results. My bite is now fixed and my teeth are back in place, giving me back my winning smile lol! I couldn’t be happier with my results.

That’s I why I’m writing about this. Your smile is so important. With Invisalign you have the option of how long you want to wear them each day but you have to be committed to the process. Your success and results are 100 percent your choice. You have to stick to the plan. Unlike braces that stay on all the time and you have no choice, Invisalign is all up to you. At first, I felt tightness and tenderness in my mouth and it was something I really had to work through. As my teeth started to move into the place, I could wear my lingers without feeling any pain. The more you wear them the better and more comfortable they feel. With ALL that being said, I hope I was able to give you some information about the process and encourage you to give it a try. Propel and Invisalign are something I recommend to anyone that want to work on their smile. Make sure you check into Invisalign with your local orthodontist to see what options they may have. I promise it’s worth every minute!


Northern Virginia Orthodontics is thrilled to offer our patients Propel Orthodontics. An exciting technology that stimulates bone remodeling to help the teeth move faster!

Propel Orthodontics involves the use of a special tool that creates tiny dimples in the bone around your teeth. These alveolar perforations stimulate your body’s natural response to help move teeth faster. Studies have shown that Propel can decrease treatment time by up to 50-60%. The Propel device is FDA registered and is gaining wide popularity in many offices across the United States.

The doctors at Northern Virginia Orthodontics are thrilled to offer this innovative technology to all of our patients. Propel can be used in addition to your current or planned orthodontic treatment (Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, as well as, traditional braces.) Our patients see INCREDIBLE results in less time!