Lights, Camera, Action: My Time to Have Fun at Work!

Lights, Camera, Action: My Time to Have Fun at Work!

My mommy mogul life recently took an exciting turn when I was asked to shoot a segment for Steve Harvey! It was an experience I will cherish for a lifetime. Shout out to my amazing publicist that helped to make this epic opportunity happen. When she called me to tell me she had me booked for Steve Harvey I honestly didn’t believe her. I’m not sure why because I know I’m fun and great for television, but Steve Harvey is a HUGE deal around here and I was extremely surprised.

Once the shock wore off, I immediately began to freak out, in a good way of course but I tried to play it cool while speaking with my publicist. I had a million questions for her: when, where, what topic and of course, what will I wear? I also wanted to bring Jaiden along because I felt it was important for him to experience this as well. Once my publicist gave me all the details, I was so excited to get going and to meet Steve Harvey.

Before I knew it, I was in Los Angeles with my kids, ready for a monumental moment in my television career. I have to say, being a guest on the Steve Harvey Show was everything I ever imagined it to be and more! It was magical. The day of the show they sent us a driver to take us to the studio for taping. When Jaiden saw the man in the black suit pull up and open the door for us I knew I scored some super cool mom points with him. I can see Jaiden just looking at the driver as he says, “Michelle Quick for steve Harvey.” His face was full of excitement, already making this experience worthwhile.


As we pull up to the building, we were greeted by one of Steve’s crew members. We walked through the halls in complete awe of all the photographs Steve had on the walls. I was then escorted to my dressing room with my name right on the door, “Straight Talk Panelist, Michelle Quick.” Jaiden reads it out loud and asks me if I had my own dressing room. When I tell him yes, he gets a super cool kid smile on his face as he responds with “cool.”

We were quickly greeted by another crew member, making sure all our hospitality needs were met. To say we were given the ultimate Hollywood treatment is an understatement. Every single person we came across was nothing short of amazing. I have been on a few sets in my career, but nothing compares to the professionalism and complete bliss that the crew at the Steve Harvey Show displayed.

I’m so thankful and grateful for such an amazing opportunity. From the moment we stepped foot in the building they made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed, even though their set was extremely busy. I believe they filmed three episodes just on that day and I would have never known because my son and I received such personal attention and care. It’s very obvious to me that Steve’s crew all love their jobs, respect their boss, and have so much fun at work. I’m also so appreciative to have been able to bring Jaiden along with me so he can see what his mom does for a living. Although mom doesn’t have the typical 9-5, this mama works hard to make him and Brielle proud! That day I got to see how proud and happy he was to be able to share this moment with his mom!

then i thought of this to add but not sure where to fit in it
before i knew it it was go time- lights, camera, action! it was my time to have fun at work!

Lights, Camera, Action: My Time to Have Fun at Work!

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