Make Meal Prep Your Best Friend!

Make Meal Prep Your Best Friend!

I have found meal prep to be super helpful as a mommy mogul on the go, especially being in the first few weeks of back to school. Having two children and a husband with different food tastes AND making sure everyone is eating healthy can be difficult so planning meals in advance my life sooooo much easier. I’ll admit though, it’s not all me. Meal prep is not always easy, and I quickly recognized I needed help for the benefit of me and my family.

Luckily, I met a fellow WAG, Kayla Harris, who has her own meal prep business, BlovelyEats&Sweets LLC. Check out her Instagram @blovelyeatsandsweetsllc. Kayla is the wife of wide receiver Maurice Harris of the Washington Redskins and is the mother of two beautiful daughters, Brooklyn, six and Bailey, four. When I tell you she’s a LIFE SAVER!!! I hit her up to help me and my family get healthy because, let’s be honest, one of my biggest weaknesses is eating good food that is high in fat and not the good fat lol. Kayla delivered a few meals to me for the week and little did I know that not only did she help me eat better but she took a lot of stress off my plate. It made dinner that week so much easier because she provided meals that were healthy and delicious for my whole family to enjoy. Like heads stayed in plates until the food was gone good… dinner is NEVER that quiet in my house lol. And lucky for us, Kayla has some of her tasty and healthy tips for easy meal prep for your own family!

Kayla Harris Meal Prep Tips

Fall is a busy time for all mothers, especially mothers that are also football WAGS. It seems that in the blink of an eye, off-season ends and training camp begins, running right into the football season, back to school, and sports starting for the kids. Personally, I am a task driven person, so I love using meal prep for my own family, as it clears my schedule up a bit for me to complete high-priority things on my to-do list. For my husband, it is crucial to get the nutrients he needs through a healthy diet during the season because his job is physically demanding. While I prepare these meals for him at the beginning of the week, I figured out how to kill two birds with one stone and prep my children’s lunches and dinners simultaneously. Thankfully my children are well adapted to healthy foods and enjoy them most of the time, which makes it easier to plan ahead.

During the meal prep process, I usually make large batches of roasted veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and peppers, along with several different proteins like chicken, salmon, steak and cod plus a variety of starches and grains like farro, rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa. For my husband and I, the meals are pre-portioned and divided based on our needs at that time but for my children they enjoy taking individual bowls and creating their own lunches and dinners ahead of time with their options. This allows them to help out in the kitchen, which they are always excited about, and it also takes the mystery out of what’s for lunch and dinner because they know what to expect.

We try to stick to meal planning as often as possible to ensure everyone gets a healthy, balanced diet and we save more money by not eating out as often. We are all more likely to make healthier meal choices when the meals are already packaged and easily reheated right from our own fridge. We are not perfect by any means, and sometimes we deviate from the PLAN; with that being said meal prep has been a great time saver for my family and it works wonders for us during this busy season!

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