Who Said Timeouts Are for Kids

Who Said Timeouts Are for Kids

Like most of you, my mommy life is crazy busy! Its literally NONSTOP! Running here, there and everywhere for my kids and my hubby. As mommies, we are constantly on the move: dropping and picking our kids up from school, cooking three meals a day, grocery shopping, cleaning, homework, quality time with our spouses and the list goes on and on and on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because I love my family and love taking care of them, but I realize that what’s missing sometimes is a little time for me. I’m sure other mommies can relate to me on that.

We sometimes forget the importance of taking a moment for ourselves, so we can continue to take care our families. In order for us mommies to continue investing in our families, it’s a must that we take a mommy timeout, a true moment for ourselves. I know, it sounds easier said than done but as a working mommy mogul, I know it’s possible.

So, how do I unwind and take time for a mommy timeout? Most times, I plan my mommy timeout after I have put my kids to bed. They have an early enough bed time that I can still take time for myself before its time for me to head to bed.

I make my mommy timeout all about me and what I love to do to relax. I love running a warm bath, pouring a glass of my favorite wine (because how do you unwind without wine!), lighting candles, turning on some soothing music and simply relaxing. If you need more ideas, I have plenty for you! Read your favorite book in your favorite place in the house, catch up on your favorite shows or meditate while it’s quiet, give yourself a facial or face mask, or deep condition your hair because we know it can be impossible to complete your full hair routine with the kids running around.

Taking that one hour for myself makes all the difference in the world. Just relax and have a moment to yourself. Love yourself, take care of yourself. Because if mommy isn’t good, no one is good!

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