Wags World – Leshonda Martín

Wags World – Leshonda Martín

Spouse: Sherrod Martin (NFL)

Children: Jayce (one year)

Age: 29

Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana

Education: B.A. Psychology, Emory University; M.S. Sports Administration, Georgia State University

Occupation: Founder/CEO of WAGS Redefined and Editor-In-Chief of WAGS Redefined Magazine

Website: wagsredefined.com

Your Social Media Followers Most Likely Don’t Know: I received a full scholarship to play basketball in college (point guard); I lived in Bulgaria for three months; I minored in Sociology; I went vegan for three months this year and now I’m pescatarian (but I still don’t consume dairy!)


Short: LeShonda Martin is Founder and CEO of WAGS Redefined and Editor-in-Chief of WAGS Redefined Magazine. She is originally from Bloomington, Indiana and currently resides in Atlanta with her husband, retired NFLer, Sherrod Martin, and their one-year-old son Jayce. Martin is a former NCAA Division I basketball player with a degree in Psychology from Emory University and a Master’s in Sports Administration from Georgia State University. She is also a founding member and Deputy Director of the Professional Football Wives Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for NFL wives, fiancées, and girlfriends. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, listening to podcasts, traveling, playing sports, and volunteering in the nursery at her local church.

Long: Playing basketball in college taught LeShonda Martin leadership, discipline, perseverance, and how to dedicate the necessary hours to her passions. When her hoop dreams came to an end she found purpose in a brand-new arena, the world of business. After receiving her Masters at Georgia State University, she began to search for purpose in her post college career. She found a voice in the online community with other females who were married to or dating professional athletes. She started WAGS Redefined in order to help share the passion and success of women who are trying to rid themselves of the stereotypes that often accompany being the wife or girlfriend of a professional athlete. Her writing and business savvy connected her with many powerful women and influential sports families, leading her to turn her online blog into a published magazine. Today LeShonda and her team of intelligent but supportive spouses are proving to the world that they can stand by their man on and off the field, while also building a family and career that helps their “team” win in the game of life. LeShonda is most proud of the community and sisterhood that WAGS Redefined has created. What’s next? A membership platform, ambassador program, and live events. 

Why did you decide to create WAGS Redefined?

I created WAGS Redefined in July 2015, following the vision God gave me to create an online community and magazine for athlete wives and significant others. Being an NFL wife at the time, I started by interviewing the NFL wives around me and sharing their stories on a personal blog. I’ll note that my original goal was to better inform the general public on actual WAG life and change some of the negative stereotypes offered up in the media I began to notice around that time.

How is WAGS Redefined uniting or changing the WAGS community for the better?

WAGS Redefined has focused on highlighting a more positive and truthful side of what it means to be dating or married to a professional athlete. We dive into topics such as: self-identity, entrepreneurship, faith, family, and philanthropy. We are changing the conversation about WAGS by changing the content.

Shortly after I launched the initial website for NFL wives only, I received an outpouring of positive responses in the form of texts, emails, and direct messages. I quickly realized that rather than changing the public’s perception of WAGS, it was more important to create a community for WAGS. I expanded the business to include WAGS from all major U.S. sports (basketball, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, racing), from the high-profile player wives to the lesser known women in the minor leagues. It’s still a work in progress to provide a larger voice and connection for WAGS from overseas basketball, CFL, and hockey. There are literally thousands of WAGS to cover and I’m always looking for women who believe in the mission and want to contribute to the website and magazine (Please, reach out to us)!

WAGS Redefined (est 2015) is a movement to advance the platform and community for the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes and coaches. We are a faith-based company manifesting our mission by:

  • Successfully launching and managing WAGS Redefined Magazine, the first magazine dedicated to highlighting and empowering the wives and girlfriends of athletes and coaches
  • Operating a website WAGSRedefined.com which sees 20,000 UVPM and has 20+ contributors who are WAGS sharing lifestyle tips and experiences (view our full list of articles here)
  • Interviewing 70+ WAGS for website and magazine features
  • Managing social media accounts that see 11K+ followers across platforms, providing positive and purposeful content about WAGS
  • Serving a subscriber list of 600+
  • Hosting live events such as our Super Bowl Li Brunch (February 7, 2017)
  • Hosting monthly WAG MeetUps in cities with Scouts (Ambassadors)
  • Creating the WAGS Redefined Conference, the first conference for WAGS across all major U.S. sports (Coming 2018)
  • Creating a membership platform for WAGS (Coming 2018)

WAGS Redefined has become the respected authority on reaching the significant others of professional athletes and coaches, receiving numerous emails and telephone calls from reality TV casting directors, the National Football League Player Engagement, luxury brands, and WAGS nationwide.


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